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               In modern times when business is thriving,a flexible,professional and reasonable
          interflow of goods and materials is required as inevitable as a inevitable result of
          advanced modern manufacturing.Nanjing Pilot Storeroom Equipment CO.,LTD. is a
          professional company that mainly deals with storage and shelves,and its business
          includes the exploitation, producing and selling of various storeroom interfolw
          quipments which are now widely used in all kinds of walks.Pilot is always keeping
          pace with the world’s top technique, and is keeping introducing scientific finterflow
          layout system so as to provide you with reasonable, universal and systematic
          interflow eqipment with current ideal, professional products and services of high
          quality. Welcome to keep paying attention to our web—www.hzgfpt.com


                   邮 编:210011
                   电 话:025-58754536 58502156 66037400
                   传 真:025-57912109

                   网 址:www.hzgfpt.com


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